lee-evansLee Evans
President since 2014

Lee is an American who first came to Berlin in 1986.
He has a MA in History.



matthew-robinsonMatt Robinson
Vice President & Treasurer since 2014

Matt is a Brit who has lived in Berlin since 2006.
He has a BA (hons) in Journalism.



caroline-marburgerCaroline Marburger
Program Coordinator since 2014

Caroline is a German from Wittgenstein who moved to Berlin in 1999.
She has a MA in History.



Heather EllisHeather Ellis
Membership Coordinator since 2014

Heather is an American from Pennsylvania who has lived in Berlin since 2005.
She has an MA in Modern German History.



Greta CivisGreta Civis
Secretary since 2017

Greta is a German from Berlin who is a lifelong Berliner.
She has degrees in Archaeology, Philosophy and Lingustics



Alexander VeselakAlexander Veselak
Outreach Coordinator since 2016

Alexander is a Canadian from Winnepeg who moved to Berlin in 2008.
He has worked in Berlin as a journalist, a translator and a guide.



Itay NovikItay Novik
Online Coordinator since 2017

Itay is an Israeli who moved to Berlin in 2011.
He is a food designer and offer culinary tours of Berlin.