Jonathan Lustgarten – Berlin Tour Guide

Jonathan Lustgarten LeisseBorn and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, my family is the ultimate mishmash of Germans, Poles, Israelis and Venezuelans, part Jewish, part Catholic.

Completed my M.A. in Media Studies in Berlin focusing on Political Discourse. 

My joy for tour guiding came out of being immersed in the Berliner life, with its daily chaos, its overwhelming cultural scene and its wild nightlife. It all came together after finishing my masters, as I realized the power of words, discourse and propaganda had deeply influenced the city’s past.

Since I can remember I’ve always been curious and open to understanding all kinds of cultures. Food, language, music, art, lifestyle and world politics play a big role in my daily life. This probably has to do with my family’s origins. Most of them emigrated several times from one country to another, either for political or personal reasons. That has also been my case, both professionally and privately. I’ve lived in Caracas, Panama, NYC, Virginia, Bonn and Berlin, and my family is spread out in Spain, Venezuela, Israel and Germany.

In my tours you’ll quickly realize I’m passionate about bringing contrasting periods of time together through the lens of history, architecture, propaganda and lifestyle. In the long run, my idea is to show you how this incredible city ticks, and why. You’ll also notice I’m keen on turning our tour more into a conversation than a lecture, welcoming your thoughts and questions and understanding where they’re coming from. After all, it is your curiosity that has brought me to new places and discoveries!

Fun fact: 

I get to show you my ‘own personal garden’, the Lustgarten, like my last name. Well, it’s not really my own, but close enough..!

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