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Anja Gallenkamp

My speciality is Jazz Tours of Berlin, stories of music and everyday life. In particular, the people of the Weimar Republic – the KIND OF GOLDEN tour in the New West and Friedrichstadt – and of the National Socialist times – the ALL DARK tour.

Growning up with jazz music and working in jazz clubs in Munich (Unterfahrt) and Berlin (Quasimodo), I’ve always been interested in the practical application of things. Beyond publishing historical articles in a magazine – or writing a book.

I am from Munich and but have spent a lot of time abroad, for half a year I lived in Amsterdam, Holland working for the Holland festival. Anyway since 2000, it’s been Berlin that I call home.

I finished my studies of Philosophy and Modern and Contemporary History with a master`s degree and a thesis about Social History of Jazz in post-war Frankfurt.

It was during this time I realised the potential for music to catch the emotions and mood of a generation and the atmosphere of the past.

I undertook internships at a music label in Munich (enja records) and in a studio in Frankfurt (Hazelwood Records) and eventually started booking and staging jazz concerts at a Berlin Club (Fincan – Jazz und Filmkunst.)

The idea of telling Berlin jazz stories based on historical facts was theoretically completed when I was doing an internship with the “Felt Communities? Emotions in European Music Performances“ research group at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin.

I find offering Jazz Tours to be really exciting, particularly for the performance aspect – stories about music as narrative.

If you are interested in learning more, you can find my website here (in both English and German):


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